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guitarvox & bassdrums


18 OCT 2019   czech blade

interview with Denny

6 JUL 2019   prague harley days

video with song Ride To Heaven

1 JUN 2019   dance video

Lovely song and lovely dancer. Have a nice day!

1 MAY 2019   album release

Living My Way | mastered by John Webber

20 OKT 2018   drummer loss

Pavel Schwarz leaves


20 AUG 2018   Press Report

Freie Presse Stollberg

26 APR 2017   Spirit Of Steel

Maessorr Structorr introduces its new symbol Spirit Of Steel

Spirit Of Steel

1 DEC 2016   tbfm magazine

TBFM magazine issue 29 winter 2016

TBFM 29, 2016

31 OCT 2016   video release

...on Halloween she is coming to you...

1 OCT 2016   making a video

Diego Bee makes the video Black Widow at the castle ruins Zviretice


1 SEP 2016   tbfm magazine

TBFM magazine issue 28 autumn 2016

TBFM 28, 2016

21 AUG 2016   new drummer

Pavel Schwarz joins the band

Pavel Schwarz

17 JUN 2016   interview with Denny

Fireworks, issue 75, summer 2016

Fireworks issue 75, 2016

1 JUN 2016   tbfm magazine

TBFM magazine issue 27 summer 2016, double CD

TBFM 27, 2016

7 APR 2016   album review

album review in the Rocktimes webzine

MAR 2016   album review

Powerplay magazine, issue 184, March 2016

Powerplay, issue 184, 2016

15 JAN 2016   radio play

air play on ARfm

7 JAN 2016   album review

album review at THE ROCKER webzine

5 DEC 2015   radio play

interview with Denny Kleinberg and 3 tracks on the Rock Asylum Radio

Rock Asylum Radio

3 DEC 2015   radio play

3 tracks on the Rock Asylum Radio

Rock Asylum Radio

23 OCT 2015   LP "Rise At Fall 2015" release

11 songs | brilliant sound by Franz Zellner, Nuremberg


Rise At Fall 2015 cover

22 OCT 2015   radio play

2 tracks from our new album on the Rock Asylum Radio

Rock Asylum Radio

Rock Asylum radio

26 SEP 2015   the first time on radio

3 track taster of our new album and an interview with Denny Kleinberg at the Radio Cas Rock in Ostrava

Radio Cas Rock

30 AUG 2015   video "Headlights On" release

the opener of our new album

2 AUG 2015   making the first music video

made by Daniel Hornik & Jaroslav Zderadicka, Prague

Film Zlicin Company

25 APR 2015   single "Masokombinat" release

Masokombinat single cover

5 JAN 2015   label founded

establishing our own label KLEINBERG MUSIC


9 JUL 2014   Denny meets Frank Bello

Anthrax Frank Bello bass clinic in Prague

Mike Bierstein

8 FEB 2014   Mike joins the band

drummer Mike Bierstein joins the band

Mike Bierstein

6 DEC 2013   EP "One Half" release

The EP One Half is a home audio recording and mixing CD with 6 songs

One Half EP cover

5 SEP 2013   a band contest Skutecna liga 2013

Maessorr Structorr ranks #8 in the first round of a Czech new band contest Skutecna liga 2013

Skutecna liga 2013

30 APR 2013   the first studio audio recordings

Maessorr Structorr records two songs, Floods Of Metal and Masokombinat, in a studio in Usti nad Labem, Czechia

Studio Usti

6 APR 2013   Arthur joins the band

Milvus Kleinberg meets the drummer Arthur Zero to make a jam session in Decin, Czechia. Arthur joins Maessorr Structorr

Arthur Zero

6 AUG 2011   the first song

On the sunny day of a forest tractor competition in the Bohemian paradise, Milvus and Denny Kleinberg compose their first song Tractor Heat

Tractor Heat

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